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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Got home just a little while ago

on roads covered with about 1/4"-1/3" of sleet. I drove about 25 mph on the main roads, along a snow route, and still had trouble skidding just a bit on slower turns. I hope Brenda gets home okay--I just had to go about four miles, whereas she lives in the next county, to the west, and they've had even more sleet. We're supposed to get another 1/4" of sleet and several inches of snow in addition to that, anywhere from 2"-6".

But I'm home, thankfully, safe and sound. The game (Cthulhu, that is) was really good, and my character who was in danger of death actually survived, although with some odd consequences, the full import of which isn't known yet.

Okay, I have 'Downton Abbey' and 'Sherlock' recording. I think I'll listen to some music and go and rest. It's been a good yet long and at the end, nerve-wracking, day. :)

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