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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Starting to get a little nervous

This week I'm having some oral surgery at the dental office I go to. The plan is that I will work a half-day, meet my driver over at another friend's house, go do the appointment, pick up any prescriptions, and then go back to the house and stay overnight there, so that someone can watch me for a few hours after the surgery, and of course I can't drive for 24 hours, so I'll have to be off work the next day. It's been awhile since I've had oral surgery, and I've never actually had it at the dentist's itself. So I'm a little nervous. But hopefully everything will go fine. I'll take my laptop with me in case I feel like blogging, and my phone can act as a hotspot. (Well, I can blog from the phone, but I don't know how coordinated I'll be afterwards, for using a Swype keyboard. :) ) I'll be bedding down on an air mattress I keep in the car in case I get stranded, as they don't have a spare bedroom (they do have a lovely library, though). So the idea is to take the CPAP, the mattress, etc., etc., and some soft food over there. Wish me luck.

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