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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Having a quiet night alone (but with power!) :)

The commute to work today was surprisingly good, as the temperatures were a bit warmer but windy, and so there was very little ice on my car. The trees and other surfaces had at least a quarter of an inch of ice on them. The maintenance folks had cleared the sidewalks here at the complex. Our road was still very slushy, but the main roads were good. On the way home, though, that was a different matter. We got just enough snow to cover the roads and the temperatures were falling throughout the day, freezing the wet roads. There was an accident right outside our main entrance when I left work, so I went out the back. That was after spending about 10 minutes trying to open at least one door of the car so I could get into the driver's side front door. I finally managed to get the rear one open on that side. I really need to invest in some de-icer; this is an almost daily occurrence now, if there's been any precipitation. Then, invariably, the car warms up and I get a light that something's slightly ajar. That happened today, because the front passenger door opened just a bit where I'd tugged on it once the ice melted. But I was almost home so I took it easy and got home. But it was a real mess and it took about 20-30 minutes to get home, when it normally takes less than ten. Then I realised I had a voice message from a friend and right after I listened to that he called, asking for a ride home from work. I hate to say, I told him I'd just gotten home, that the roads were bad, and he'd be better taking the bus like usual. Of course, he didn't get home for about two hours due to the changeover from 35 to 70 minute runs and the timing involved. But it was the right decision. Also, I was very tired from lack of sleep during the power outage, and wasn't at my best for driving. When we leave his workplace, we have two choices--drive down a busy street in stop and go traffic that's down to one inbound lane during rush hour, or taking back roads that would probably have been worse than the main road I took, which was bad enough. I know it probably hurt his feelings, but he got home safely, and I didn't want to risk an accident given the conditions at the time. So I went on and took a couple of hours' nap, and I feel much better in terms of catching up on rest, and of course checked on him when his spouse called just a little while ago. All is well, although he is tired and cranky. My friend and I talked for some time. Now it's 9:30 and I'm wondering what to do with the rest of the evening. I'm sort of tired of being on the computer for now. I think I may listen to some music and maybe read. I've downloaded several Kindle books (mostly free, but a few that I've bought) to read lately, so I have plenty of material to keep me occupied.

Hope you have a good evening, are warm and comfy, and with power. I actually turned my thermostat down to about 65 because I was warm earlier. Hopefully that will help the electric bill. :)

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