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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Today I:

  1. Transferred things from three bags to my purse
  2. Went by McDonald's and got egg and cheese biscuits for my friends and me
  3. Made a list of various things to do for my friends today
  4. Watched videos with YKWIA
  5. Went and got A's medicine
  6. Picked up a mailed package from Amazon
  7. Transferred things from my other wallet to the item in the package, an all-in-one crossbody wallet with room for my phone from Vera Bradley (I'm not a huge fan of the brand, but I loved one a co-worker had, and it's very useful when carrying a bigger purse or backpack so I can go into a store with just that, plus with the strap, it leaves my hands free)
  8. Went to Barnes & Noble and picked up four books for YKWIA using a gift card he got for the holidays
  9. Went by Target to use the restroom and get a pretzel and drink
  10. Took a friend to the grocery store
  11. Drank an entire 2 litre of diet orange soda
  12. Drank a litre of orange juice
  13. Took down a friend's Christmas tree (yes, really)
  14. Helped him take it and its accessories out to the shed and lock it properly (he has trouble getting it right)
  15. Watched part of the UK-LSU men's basketball game, which UK one by one point in overtime (yay!)
  16. Lost my phone (but found it again; it was in my large purse the whole time)
  17. Put some shelves up in their built-in cabinets
  18. Hung a tapestry
  19. Dusted DVDs and VHS tapes
  20. Moved DVDs and VHS tapes to the new shelves
  21. Helped a friend move some furniture, and swept up the stuff
  22. Laid down in the floor to cleanse a dog's vaginal area (long story)
  23. Helped a friend load some non-working electronics and flammables into my car
  24. Took out the CDs from the car
  25. Took out the flammables and put them in my house so the car wouldn't blow up if hit in the rear (it's stuff like spray pain and old turpentine, I just have to figure out how to correctly get rid of it)
I'm pooped. I should do some work around the house, particularly the living room, as a friend is giving me an old desk that we may be moving over to here tomorrow, but I just can't right now. I'm going to take out my contacts (which are foggy with dust; I kicked up a lot of dust today), put my feet up, and rest, and just try to get up early and prepare for it. Thank goodness I already finished the game notes.
    Tomorrow's plans:
  1. Get snacks for the Cthulhu game
  2. Clean my friends' house for the game
  3. Charge the batteries for the digital voice recorder
  4. Watch a movie, City of Ember that we have out from Netflix
  5. Move the desk, if Brenda can take us in her truck
  6. Play the Cthulhu game
So, I should be tired after such a busy weekend. How about you? Are you busy this weekend? At least it was in the 50s and sunny here. :)

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