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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Up and planning my weekend

I have called Brenda and confirmed that she has a doll meet tomorrow, so there will be no game. A called me and we made plans to go to the store about noon. The roads should be pretty decent; we did get a boatload of rain last night, but only maybe a half-inch of snow, although it is cold, so they could have some black ice on them. By giving it a couple of hours, we'll have better roads. We're very lucky in terms of how that played out. If it had snowed as heavily as the rain was coming down, we would have had several inches by now. It's sunny and around 20 degrees. I'm holding out for those 60s that are in the forecast for next week. I am so sick of winter. This one has been cold and the snow has just hung around for days on end. Normally we get a snow of maybe 2-3 inches, then in melts, then again, then it melts. This time it's just snowed on top of snow, although the rain yesterday finally took care of some of that.

My teeth and jaws are aching today. Apparently I clenched them in the night, and since there are precious few molars to take the strain anymore, my front teeth hurt. I'm convinced that my clenching and grinding are a factor in terms of losing the teeth. We never could find a good bite guard solution. I tried an over the counter one and couldn't tolerate it well, so we didn't do a custom one years ago when my dentist first brought it up. Of course, the acid in the diet sodas was a big part, too, I'm sure. But I'm actually thinking of taking some acetaminophen today, and I haven't taken anything at all for the pain, which has been minimal, since I threw up Wednesday after taking Tylenol with codeine. But I can't complain; it hasn't been too painful. And I'm up to tortillas with cheese and bananas as far as food goes.

Okay, I think I'll check up on some news and see what's going on in the world, then start getting cleaned up and ready to go. Have a great day!

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