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Monday, February 24, 2014


I'm not sure which is cooler about the jeans and blouse I ordered from Amazon--the fact that they arrived on a Sunday or the fact that totally without being able to try them on, they both fit absolutely perfectly. *Happy dance*. This means I have a pair of actual blue jeans again (which is nice for Fridays at work) and the blouse got rave reviews today, even from YKWIA, who usually thinks I am a fashion victim, as it is a sort of Romantic-Victorian-Gothish plum one with a lace up front and long billowy sleeves, which actually looks good on me (although the ties and sleeves stream out and are not the best for working around copiers). But I feel like singing 'I feel pretty' from West Side Story. Ah, a little punchy tonight after a long, long day. Time for bed, I think.

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