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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A happier fish

I originally had a colour-changing LED bubble stone in the betta tank, and it happened to brightly shine colors that fish can see, which just imagine it would be like having a revolving spotlight shining in your home. He hid a lot, plus it didn't really light things up enough to see him well. So I found a normal bubble stone and a natural light LED lamp to clip to the tank, and the fish seems happier and I can see him in all his glory. Not only is it kinder, and hopefully without the stress he'll live longer, now I can just unplug the light at night and give him a break, just like the other fish get. (Well, technically they have a night moon light, which are blue LEDs.) But you get the point. He came right out when I was looking at the tank and swam around happily. YKWIA should approve. We'd seen a video of how fish and other animals see colour and light, and he definitely thought I should make some changes.

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