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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Okay, that was one expensive (and long) oil change :)

When they did my free rotation after doing the oil change, they found that my front rotors were too thin. so the rotors and brake pads on that end were changed. I swear getting cars fixed is like going to the dentist--something small always leads to major work. The price wasn't bad as rotors go (I've gotten those before, and even just had them turned before, but of course there's only so much you can do when they're thin), but it was substantially more than I was thinking I would pay. Fortunately I did my taxes the other day and should get a refund soon, so that took about half of it. And while I could have waited a couple of weeks until that refund came in, I'd rather not mess with brakes in terms of safety. All told I was at the shop for three hours.

After that, my main objective was to get a car wash. I went to the Speedway on Malibu, but theirs was closed. I called over at the one on Southland, which was working, so I went there and purchased one that would get the undercarriage as well as the car body. Unfortunately, when it became my turn (and it was a hopping place, let me tell you, with temps in the 60s for the first time in weeks and sunny, coming off of subzero temps and lots of salt on the road), I apparently put the code in too early, even though it was asking for it, and the car wash wouldn't open. Since I'd just called them, I still had the number on my phone and called, and they came out and then went in and got me a new number, but the car wash had to be reset both outside and inside before it finally worked. I remember how much car washes annoyed me when I worked at Speedway; now I was the problem child. There were about 8-10 cars waiting in line this whole time. But, I finally got in the bay and the wash itself went well. It's so nice to have all that salt off it.

Then it was off to Kroger for milk for a friend and a few things for me, and I went over to my friends' house and spent some time there with one. Then the other came home and we went to the grocery for their shopping run. I then fixed some dinner and a friend and I watched an episode of 'Absolutely Fabulous'. Then I came home so they could watch the finale of 'American Horror Story: Coven', which I've already seen. I've spent about an hour or so downloading some music to the laptop from Amazon, and now I'm thinking of doing the game notes. I'd like to get them done so I don't spend all night 'trying' to wake up like I did last week.

It has been a long day today, and I am tired, though. Maybe a few minutes stretched out won't hurt, do you think? :)

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