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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

So right before I left my friends' house

one of them said, oh, there won't be much ice because it won't last long. He said that's what the weather people said. So I drove home in the freezing rain as the roads were just starting to get slick, but mostly the problem was how heavy the rain was, leaving water in the road and the danger of hydroplaning. I got home, and everything was icing up quickly. Not five minutes after I called to let them know I got home, and just as I was about to heat up something in the microwave, the power went out--for five hours. (I called after about a half hour and gave him a small talk on what the ice was doing for me. See, he doesn't have to drive in the stuff, and they had power. On the other hand, he'll have to walk in the stuff tomorrow, as it's steadily and heavily been falling now for hours). Thanks to Kentucky Utilities, it's back one. I used their application to check on the status. They estimated it would be back on by about 1:00 am. At 1:28 they were listing ours as 'under evaluation'. By 1:35 the lights came on. I made sure the fish tank pump had water in it so it wouldn't run while dry (priming it, that is) and then unplugged anything that didn't need to be plugged in since the whole system will probably be strained. I'm not sure how much ice has accumulated, but they're thinking it could be about a half an inch, which is enough to consider it a hazardous ice storm.

I'm charging my phone as I write. I'd fortunately charged it throughout the day in the car as I took my friend to his appointment and went to mine. Then when the lights went out, I charged it on the battery backup for the computer for awhile, and put the power saver feature on. Now it's down to 30% or so. But it could have been much lower. Throughout the night people have gone out to their cars and run them for awhile, obviously charging their phones. And during the brief time I was in the bedroom, I discovered my upstairs neighbours were doing what many couples do during blackouts--all you could hear were bedsprings going and the rain falling outside, since the heat was off. :) They're still up, and I suspect most of the complex is, but it's 2 am now and I'm going to try to go to bed and actually sleep. now that I can use my CPAP. Be careful if you're being affected by the weather, and I hope your power stays on (and mine, now that it's restored. Power good.) Again, thanks KU for getting it back on. Apparently tree limbs took down some lines, according to their application. Good night.

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