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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Weekend update

Friday: Did errands, worked at both places (although only for a short time at the gas station), did notes, and watched Painkiller Jane.

Saturday: Off! I ran errands, took a night off from notes, and visited with a friend. I also stopped by my mom's workplace to pick up the new car registration. Ah, the smell of nursing homes. It brought back memories from my childhood, where I spent days and a few nights at a home in Louisiana when my father was on temporary duty. I remember being there during a rain when frogs seemes to sprout from the very raindrops. And I was there on July 7, 1977, a day I remember because of all the 7s. A resident taught me how to play dominoes, including scoring. I used to help the activities director/social worker, too. The only Catholic service I've attended was in a nursing home chapel. I used to 'play' the piano (which strained my mother's nerves, but I desperately wanted to take lessons and never got them, so one can't blame me for being bad at it). I remember there was one poor lady who had lost a child when she was younger who carried a baby doll with her everywhere she went. It was pretty educational, in a way, and even at a young age I realised I never wanted to be dumped in a place like that. It wasn't horrible--although I know now there are truly horrible nursing homes. It was clean, it was comfortable. But they were pretty much abandoned by their families, and that was so sad. Walking into her workplace brought up all those memories.

Sunday: Game! Preparations before, then game, then notes. Margaret and I were the only ones there. Brenda should be back next week. Who knows with Dee--she just started radiology tech school and so we may see her in a couple of years. It was time for her character to go for training anyway, at least.

Today: Home! I went to Danville and visited my grandmother, mother, and stepfather. My mom's worked 32 of the last 48 hours, so she was falling alseep at the dinner table. They brought their dog, Sassy, who apparently despises me (she was instantly jealous, and my mom kept hugging me to show her I was okay and it just set her off more, I think). She is not Chihuhua/Dachsund after all but it Chihuhua/Jack Russel--an unholy combination in my book, and hyper as all get out. She is cute, and she finally deigned to lick my fingers, but I'm afraid there was really no love lost between us. I may go back down the 20th to see my aunts and uncles who will be in. We'll see. It's not that long of a drive but with an older car you never know how things will go. I stopped by the Kroger at Brannon Crossing right over the county line in Jessamine County. I think it's what my neighbourhood Kroger is heading towards, a mega centre which sells everything but clothing. They even had furniture. I finally got distilled water! I got home, blogged briefly, laid down to nap and enjoy the distilled water in the humidifier, then got a phone call for a ride to work. Took that person in, made a quick grocery run for a friend. I got home around 9, went onto bed for awhile, then picked my friend up from work about 3 am. Now I'm going to head back to bed. Tomorrow is shed cleaning and a doctor's appointment, the last day of my vacation. I still haven't managed to straighten up the apartment. I'll try to do that a little at a time through the week.

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