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Saturday, September 08, 2007

I forgot to mention

I went to Dr Nesbitt the other day and got basically a clean bill of health; the diabetes is much better (okay, so I'm on three meds/two pills to do that). They checked cholesterol, thyroid, CBC, A1C, etc., too. I don't have to go back for six months. He did refer me to a dermatologist for an appointment in early October. I was concerned about a mole that's popped up over the last few months and is changing colours. It's on my upper chest, an area that got sunburnt a lot when I was a kid. Did we even have sunblock back then, or was it just tanning oil? I do not remember ever having sunblock on as a child. The mole's not really big, but I don't want to ignore possible skin cancer. I've known two people who have had skin cancers removed when they were much younger than I.

The truck came tonight at work (due to the holiday; I forgot about that yesterday) and there were a lot of issues that came up so I left pretty frazzled and a half-hour late. Tomorrow I work from 11 am-8 pm. At some point I have to remember to go by the pharmacy and pick up my Janumet. I'm really starting to like one of my co-workers. He's easy-going and competent, two plusses when working with someone.

I guess that's all for now. I need to go to bed; I need to be up by 9 am to run an errand for someone before work. I just thought I'd blog whilst drinking some delicious Highbridge Spring water. Good night.

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