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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cerys is devouring

veggie sausage patties. She's enjoying them immensely.

Things I enjoyed today:

  1. 'Murder by Moonlight', a Sherlock Homes radioplay from the 40s, I think.
  2. Having some time to do errands. I got my glasses adjusted and went to Target and got a hand towel and washcloth because I need something to line the boot; it's rubbing my skin raw--and these are black so they match my bathroom and my pants.
  3. Taking a nap.
  4. Being with Cerys, even when she circled and circled without going.
  5. Doing notes, oddly enough.
  6. Spending a little time with friends.

Things I forgot to do:

  1. Go to the grocery store.
  2. Get my prescriptions refilled on a couple. I'll have to do that tomorrow.

What I'm not sure where to start:

My homework for my therapy sessions is to write letters back and forth (from both perspectives) between myself and the father I would have liked to have had--the supportive, there-for-you-through-anything dad. I did come up with some ideas; I have to write them down and bring them in Friday.

Other things I did:

  1. Compacted lots of trash.
  2. Changed out carts so I have the one that is flat on the top rather than divided.
  3. Loaded up boxes to go into storage.
  4. Cleaned out one desk and part of another.
  5. Found the lateral file key.
  6. Cleaned my toilet.
  7. Stopped by the gas station to check my schedule.

What I have to do tomorrow:

  1. Finish cleaning out the desk.
  2. Take the boxes to storage.
  3. Put books into upstairs cabinets.
  4. Take my stuff home.
  5. Label my carts and take them upstairs.
  6. Take my recyclables to someone I know with a Rosie recycling container (yes, we name our garbage cans (Herbie), our recycling can (Rosie), and our lawn waste bin (Lenny) here in Lexington.
  7. Do dishes.
  8. Take out the trash.
  9. Get as much stuff off the floor at home as possible so they can clean the carpet Wednesday.
  10. Ask my mom when the best time would be to go to my grandmother's and see my aunts and uncles. I think it will be Thursday morning; they're coming in on Wednesday, I think. I have an MRI that morning at 8:15, but I should be out in time to catch them and I don't have to be at the store that evening, so it would just mean getting off from the hospital. One set is in from Georgia, the other from Texas. I haven't seen them in a year.

D was celebrating her 6th anniversary in Bardstown with her husband, sans child, so she wasn't at work today, and I missed the other girls. I had an orchid book with me; I wish I'd brought that down to lunch, so I thought of the game and how things might go instead. I also had some friends out of town, so I pretty much had some time to myself. That was pretty nice.

I'm looking forward to next game. Brenda will be back, and of course Margaret will be there. Dee's on hiatus whilst she studies to be a radiologic technician. That means four characters (one is an NPC--non-player character) will be going down to Antarctica, and for big bad things, we usually try to get five, because in our game five can combine to do a kind of Power Ranger thing that gets rid of the big alien oogly googlies. But alas, we have four, so it'll be more challenging.

I'm also excited because a week from now 'Heroes' is back.

That's all for now about how my life's going. Good night.

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