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Friday, September 14, 2007

A fun test, although I suck at Slavic languages

but hey, I've never studied one, so I think I muddled along pretty well. And being able to read German and French does not mean you get Dutch or necessarily the Belgian spin on those.

62 Germanic, 66 Romance, 25 Slavic, 0 other

Look, it's your percentages! What do you think? Would you have survived Europe?

I think not, nobody survives Europe for very long. Unless you were born there, in which case you're going to live forever! No, sorry, that's wishful thinking I suppose.

Oh, here's a slight disclaimer: if you scored 100% on Other languages, you needn't be too proud of yourself: all you've done is know that Hungarian isn't anything like any of the other European languages. It's entirely my fault for including that nonsense category - I shouldn't have, I don't know a thing about non-European languages.

If you were expecting a serious test, by the way, I'm utterly sorry that you're such a downer. Get a life, and stop taking yourself so damned seriously! You're taking internet quizzes for Pete's sake.

Whoever Pete is. Probably a badger.

Link: The Foreign Language Comprehension Test written by frumpyqueen on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

And I should have gotten 100% in Other; I do know that Hungarian isn't like any of the other languages in Europe. Must have chosen the wrong gibberish. Sigh. Good night.

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