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Monday, September 10, 2007

Home for a little while

I stayed at work a little late because I have an appointment at 1 pm Friday with a podiatrist, so I'll have to leave early. I want to make sure I get in all my time.

I'm cooking spinach artichoke bites for dinner, so I thought I'd blog a little.

Today was dreary, but we need the rain desperately, since we're in a drought. Did you know one part of Antarctica gets 4 inches of precipitation a year? Yes, I'm researching a little for the game, since my character's supposed to survive in the conditions there. They're going in the summer, but it's a long campaign; who knows how long it will take. Wikipedia was very helpful. There was:

Communication in Antarctica
McMurdo Station (the main American research area you go to before moving on somewhere in the interior). It's the logistics base for half the continent.

Did you know whole families live in Antarctica, and the children go to school at the stations? I think those are mostly the South American stations, but still, how cool is that? Can you imagine being transferred back home, going to school, and telling them you'd come from Antarctica? I wonder if they have libraries? Not that I'm volunteering for the cold, mind you. I don't even want to live in the northern US. Okay, maybe New England or even Seattle, but not the northern Midwest. I keep my options with Canada open just because I think they're saner than Americans sometimes, though I wouldn't really like the weather in the winter.

The spinach artichoke bites are really good--they smell and taste a little sweet. The only drawback is that you're not supposed to microwave them, so I had to bake them for 20 minutes. But yum! They're by Morningstar Farms (which uses GMO ingredients. I didn't know that. That's a little disturbing. I have mixed feelings on genetically modifying plants and animals for food.

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