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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No radioplay for a couple of days, unfortunately

Today I had someone watching a video for the first hour or so that I was at work, plus a repairman taking the copier apart and putting it back together for yearly preventative maintenance for about four hours (he was about halfway through when I came in). It included vacuuming toner. I did start one but there was just too much going on in the library and at that point I was up and about helping people (I normally listen when I first get in and I'm going through my e-mail). So I just put the CD back in its case and will hope for a quieter day tomorrow.

Today has been get-everything-on-Lisa day. We had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Needless to say, I got soup on my nice pink top. Then I found dirt from who knows where on my cuff--maybe from the outside of the car? Then there was the steady rain when I left work. I will not complain about the rain--we need it desperately and I was the one who left my umbrella in the car, but let me tell you, the boot is a pain to deal with since I can't drive in it but I need to have it on when I walk back and forth to work. It's worse trying to get the thing off in the rain, especially as I'm not supposed to get it muddy or wet (it can't be washed due to the air bladder). Now I'm eating a PBJ with natural peanut butter and spreadable fruit and of course the peanut butter is runnier than normal, where I had to mix the oil back in. It's a good thing I was planning on changing clothes anyway--and doing laundry tonight, for that matter. :)

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