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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I didn't get much sleep last night

so I'll go on to bed soon. I've been watching 'Sapphire and Steel' (which terribly misunderstood the concept of 'element', but is rather interesting, despite a very tiny special effects budget) and 'The Tomorrow People' (original series) with a friend today. I loved British TV as a child, things like 'The Prisoner', 'The Omega Factor', 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' (although I didn't get all the humour back then), 'All Creatures Great and Small', and 'Doctor Who' (the latter two shared a principal actor--Peter Davison). So I decided to give you a couple of bits of British fun from Doctor Who, this time outakes/bloopers, first from the Tom Baker years, second from the current Doctor's.

My favourite? 'How long, K-9?' 'Insufficient data.' 'Yeah, you never f***ing know the answer when it's important.'

My favourite? Cybermen playing football with K-9.

Today's radioplay: 'The Tankerville Club'

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