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Sunday, September 16, 2007

I was going to type 'Yay, barefoot at last'

after spending the day in my boot, which was somewhat hot and I felt like Frankenstein a bit. Then I lost my balance changing clothes and twisted my foot as I caught myself, and I sort of wish I'd had it on after that. Ow. Now it hurts up my leg, too. Advil is definitely in order.

All day I've felt off--a little nauseous, achy, and cramping like I'm going to have my period when I had it about a week and a half ago. Maybe I'm ovulating instead. Or the evils of premenopause may be starting. I don't know. But I've just felt under the weather.

Still, I managed to play in the game. We're in New York City preparing to go to Antarctica. Yay! Well, I don't know if it's really 'yay'. Whatever it is down there that lies in wait for us is big and bad and outside linear time. That's never good.

[I wonder if any gamers down in the Antarctic have run this particular campaign--Beyond the Mountains of Madness. That would be so cool.]

I watched the season finale of the 4400. It was great, although I cried.

Now I'm home and I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep. I only got about 4 hours last night because I was fiddling with the landscaping computer CD, which is pretty cool. The only drawback I see is they have house templates, and the only way to design a custom house is to use a related program I don't have. Sneaky people at Broderbund, aren't they?

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