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Friday, September 07, 2007

Know a hypochondriac?

Forward this to him or her. Ta-da, it's the

Disease Mongering Engine

Amaze your friends by generating symptoms to fictious diseases. Here was mine:

Reactive Depressive Social Syndrome With Speaking In Tongues (RDSSWSIT)
RDSSWSIT is defined as explosive, emotional behavior and responses compromised by a pessimistic mood and emotional outlook in social situations, complicated by an uncontrollable urge to rapidly speak at loud volumes in unknown languages.

Source: Page 99 of the DSM-IV-FE*

*Fictious Edition

Granted, the creator of this engine is a holistic nutritionist, Mike Adams, who seems very anti-pschiatry, anti-pharmaceutical, and anti-allopathic medicine, preferring natural/holistic treatments. In other words, most people would consider him a looney, although he's a fairly interesting looney. I tend to prefer a mix of allopathic and holistic medicine, myself. (As in if I were diagnosed with cancer, I would try nutritional support and regular treatments). Anyway, enjoy the generator.

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