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Monday, December 13, 2010

As you may have guessed

I was home early today, mainly because a rather huge clinic dwindled to nothing because of the snow. I'm not sure what the official accumulation was, but it looked like 2-3" here, with drifts up to my mid-calf (I went through several of those this morning.) But in other parts of the region we service, it was worse (Ohio, West Virginia, Kentukcy, Tennesee, and Indiana). So we had a lot of cancellations. Cancellations meant fewer things for me to enter at the end of the day. One of my co-workers gave me a ride home about 4:15.

Santa came to the hospital today, which we'd especially arranged to have on a Monday due to the planned outpatient census, but of course there were much fewer kids than expected. Still, they were all great, he and his entourage. He normally brings horses and carriages, but couldn't this year due to the snow in his area. He's been coming to the hospital for a couple of decades, I think, and it was great that he made sure the kids got to meet him and get a present. I just wish more kids had been able to come.

Because Fayette County Schools were out, we were treated at lunch to lots of young snowsledders going down the hill in front of the cafeteria. They come from all over the city to sled down our hill.

The buses were on a snow plan this morning. I didn't realise this meant that the Richmond Road bus headed to Wal-Mart (opposite of its normal run) as part of the plan. I knew we wouldn't make the Idle Hour loop. Fortunately both my origin and destination points are on the snow route. For those of you in Lexington new to the buses, you can check to see if your stop is on the snow route by seeing if it has a snow flake on it. I feel sorry for those people living in Idle Hour; they have to walk out of their neighbourhood to catch the bus, but I understand that with all the turns and secondary roads, that it's an issue.

We're about to have a major deep freeze weather-wise. Right now it's 17 degrees but feels like 3 (that's Fahrenheit). Tonight's low will be 10. You may want to drip your pipes if you're in the area.

My father's likely having bigger issues. He lives in Minnesota (we're estranged, so I haven't spoken to him), and they're getting dumped on majorly with temps in the double digit minuses. They raise horses, so that's another concern. I would not like to live there. I know they're used to cold winters, but that seems worse even for them. Even their stadium roof (made of inflatable Teflon) collapsed due to 20 inches of snow.

We've had almost that here before since I've been back in Kentucky, and it wasn't pretty. The cold and snow are coming much earlier than we usually see (it doesn't usually accumulate snow until after Christmas here). So I'm hoping this is not a taste of the winter to come.

On a different subject, I had some fun this weekend. I helped a friend put up his Christmas tree (in tasteful purple and gold). I watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice with another friend (which was quite frankly surprisingly good and fun), and then there was the game, where we started (eek!) a campaign. Campaigns are either long adventures involving different places or collections of related stories that take you often across the world. They are miserable things to deal with, and yet we keep coming back for more. Our last campaign took us from the US to Tonga, the Sudan, Louisiana, Virginia, etc. The one before that took nearly two years of actual weekly game time to complete (that's the largest campaign put out by Chaosium--Beyond the Mountains of Madness). On the other hand we get more experience on campaigns, and I have one poor character that has an insanely low Aura due to the last campaign, when she was attacked by magical poisonous vipers.

Yep. This really is a fun hobby. Really. :)

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