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Friday, December 17, 2010

Well at least I wasn't the only one

My friend, who doesn't drive, went to go to work tonight and barely got to the edge of his yard and back. He had to call work and they sent someone to get him. Like me, he didn't fall, but it was a near thing, and I think he windmilled a bit.

Someone out front is scraping their car right now. It sounds like they're having to chisel. Don't you just love ice?

The worst thing about it today was the ice was on top of about 2 inches of snow and slush, so if you didn't slide completely, it broke and you slid in different directions. Plus, the slush of the road was bad enough that I think I went completely down into dirty slush of about 6 inches or so in places.

Ah, they got their car scraped off. As much as it sucks to be a pedestrian right now, at least I'm not having to deal with that.

Okay, let's see if there's any news.

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