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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Small crisis of stupidity

So it's been over a week since I bought the Norfolk Virginia pine, so I thought I should water it. It never occurred to me (and as a gardener I am ashamed to admit it) that it might come in a pot with a drain hole in it. So I never put a plate or anything under it.

So you can see what's coming next--I take a full glass of water, put it in the pot, and water goes everywhere. The table it's on is an old potting table; It has boards with spaces between it, so of course the water went down--onto my printer and some books, as well as dangerously close to the power strip the tree was plugged into.

I quickly got a towel and a plate before the rest could drain down, hit the printer first, then the books. The plate and the pot don't exactly fit--I'll have to find something else in the long run, which I think I have an idea of--so the tree tried to lean over a couple of times. In the midst of taking things off, I took the flameless candles with their little zen bed of rocks and put it on the closest thing at hand--the open recliner, and then knocked into it when the tree fell over, scattering pebbles everywhere. At this moment a friend called, but I let it ring, picking up pebbles from the carpet.

So now I think I have everything dry, everything set. The candles are out of harm's way in case the tree falls over again, and everything's unplugged.

I am such a klutz, both physically and sometimes mentally. Sigh. Let's see if I can make it to the bus stop without too much trouble.

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