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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh, Gods, why did I do that?

I left work today and got a ride to Kroger so I could get a new bus pass (my expires tonight) and some groceries. My co-worker offered to give me her number so I could call her when I was done, since she was headed to Meijer for awhile, but I said, no, I was just going to get a few things.

'A few things' involved three full canvas reusable bags and a couple more regular ones. I managed to take the cart to the bus stop (sorry Kroger cart guys!) much as I hate it when people leave them there. Then on the bus I had to ask for my stop rather than pull the cord because I was busy corralling the bags. Once I got off the bus, I rebagged them (the young lady was very nice but is used to bagging for people who only have to put them in a car). I tied one light bag to a reusable one. I took the bag with the paper towels and toilet paper and threaded it through my satchel strap. Then I started the schlep home. Normally this is a 15 minute walk. From the time I got on the bus till the time I made it into the house it was about 45 minutes. There were many rests, especially after making across the road. I guess I was carrying about the equivalent of two of those big dog food bags' worth of stuff.

The cupboards were pretty bare, and with snow, that's not a good thing. Plus I got some fresh fruits and veggies for playing with the new blender. No dacquiri mix--too much high fructose corn syrup and besides I don't have anything to put in it. So I'll toast the new year with a smoothie. That's just as well--I don't really care for alcohol that much--I like them just as well 'virgin'.

Okay, so today I got paid. I went ahead and got my money order for my rent. I got my bus pass. I also got groceries. that leaves me about $50 for the next two weeks, but the big stuff is taken care of. I'll try to be frugal with what I have, but I can maybe get a drink and some popcorn with the movie tomorrow (I have two free tickets to get in).

Oy. I am tired. I must go recuperate and must eat something substantial, as all I had for lunch was some nachos, a banana, and some broccoli.

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