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Friday, December 31, 2010

A nice way to end the year

Tomorrow the buses do not run, so I will spend it alone at my house. So it seemed a good idea to go out with friends and have fun today.

We made plans for the 3:05 showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I at Fayette Mall. I went over to my friends' house a couple hours early and wound up watching the University of Kentucky vs. University of Louisville basketball game, which turned out to be quite good. There's a big rivalry between the two schools, and U of L's couch used to be UK's, so there's that drama. But UK played quite well. One player, Josh Harrellson, was having a really great day and you could just tell he was enjoying himself immensely.

We took the bus to the mall and then made a crazy dash for the cinema, which is way on the other side of the mall from the bus stop and outside. We got there just in time to get tickets, get food, and see the preview of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan is played by someone very cute; I'll have to look him up) before the show began. I must say the movie dragged quite a bit, but then so did the book (I thought they'd never get out of the damn woods). One friend was disappointed that we didn't see more deaths; there should have been quite a few more in there by that point of the movie. My other friend, who is terribly afraid of snakes, nearly burrowed his way into his seat at one point. Thank goodness the 3D version has not come out--I hate to think what he would have done with it in 3D.

After the movie we went to Carinos for dinner. I'd never been. It was pretty reasonable, actually. I didn't get appetizers or dessert, but I really enjoyed the angel hair pasta with artichokes, olives, and tomatoes, along with a house salad.

Then we went a more leisurely way around the mall this time (many of the stores were already closed for the holiday) and waited for the bus. We said our goodbyes at the bus station and I came on home.

I'm already sleepy. I hope I can stay up till midnight. Someone's already shooting fireworks, I do have some sparklers left over from July 4th. Hmmmm....

I think I'm going to set my phone for 11:30 and chill out in the comfy chair for awhile. If for some reason I don't write before then, I hope you all have a really happy and safe New Year.

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