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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I guess there's always a balance--1,200 again

About 1,200 dogs euthanized after disease outbreak: Wyoming distemper cases linked to large-scale breeder in Kansas
An estimated 1,200 dogs at a Kansas kennel were euthanized after an outbreak in Wyoming of the highly contagious disease distemper was linked to the large-scale breeding operation.

Kansas Livestock Commissioner Bill Brown said the state started investigating the Beaver Creek Kennels near Oberlin in September after being contacted by Wyoming's state veterinarian about distemper cases at a pet store in Cheyenne.

Brown said Wednesday that the Kansas Animal Health Department quarantined the kennel twice after investigators confirmed several cases of distemper in puppies that were being sold out of state. When breeder Jeff Fortin couldn't sell dogs because of the quarantines, he ran out of money to pay staff members and take care of the animals.

"It became an economic situation, and consequently became a health, safety and welfare issue for the puppies," Brown said. "The owner couldn't feed his dogs, his help left, and health, safety and welfare became an even bigger issue."
On the one hand, this sounds like a puppy mill with major issues and it's good that it is shut down. But 1,200. It breaks my heart.

And then there's this:
Under a consent agreement between the Kansas Animal Health Department Fortin, he can get back to business in six months if he meets stringent requirements, Brown said.
So it may happen again. :(

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