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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yay, back at last

What started out as a quick hunt for toilet paper became a much more involved sort of thing. A friend called me as I was walking through the slush at the car lot (normally I don't take that short cut, but seeing as they hadn't shoveled their sidewalk, I felt entitled) and I decided to go over there and visit. I went to Walgreens, picked up my medication and toilet paper along with one of those tins of popcorn, forgot to get stamps for holiday cards so I went to Kroger and picked up those and the DVD of Despicable Me. My friend liked it a lot. I was going to take the bus home about dusk, but their neighbourhood was worse in terms of ice and things were freezing back up (it took nearly 10 minutes to walk down his front yard, but I didn't fall, just came close). He convinced me to call a cab, which came remarkably quickly considering the weather, pulled into the driveway, and started inching backwards. I only managed to get in by holding onto the cab. I tipped the driver $5 for getting me in the ice.

All in all, though, the storm could have been worse. I'd say we had just over a quarter of an inch of ice on top of a couple inches of snow. The forecast was for as much as 6 inches of snow and a half inch of ice, depending on which way it tended to go towards (more ice, less snow; more snow, less ice). Instead we wound up kind of in the middle, and no widespread power outages as far as I know. In an area prone to week-long ice storms every few years, that's a good thing. And I managed to get through the day without falling. I didn't take the Kindle or my glasses with me today just in case I fell--I didn't want to break anything expensive.

I hope it's better tomorrow. I need to do some holiday shopping. Really, in the middle of the day most of the places I went, commercial areas, were slushy (it was only when I got into my friend's suburban neighbourhood that I had much trouble). So maybe tomorrow will be better. At least it's not supposed to have any precipitation. We're going to wait to hang a wallpaper border till after Christmas, so I'm not sure what I'm doing Saturday yet. I do need to work on notes. And there's still a couple of episodes of Tower Prep I haven't seen (I saw one today, which was pretty good. The mystery thickens.)

Okay, I think I'll get something to eat, take out my contacts, and maybe do some reading, then start on notes. Either tomorrow or Saturday--during the full 'heat' of the day--I need to do some laundry and take out the recylables (I have two laundry hampers full of the latter), plus wash dishes and take out the trash. Hopefully the weather will be fine for the game on Sunday as well. Brenda lives out in the boonies on a small farm and when ice and snow come, sometimes she has trouble getting out of her driveway, much less down the back roads.

Hope your day was fun.

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