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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Okay, the resting phase took awhile

I went to bed about oh, 7 pm or so and just woke up at nearly midnight. I guess that foray took a lot out of me. I was out in the snow and ice from about noon till after four.

My shoes came in (as you can tell from the last post), so I went to work first. I mailed the various things from there; it was just easier, especially as my packing tape was at work for fixing the book wrapper. I ate some vegetable lasagna from the cafeteria and then headed back towards Kroger. There I got gifts and gift wrap, basically everything but a gift card for my mother that I can print out here, to go with a small wrapped gift.

I did not go to Lowe's with the granny cart for a tree. I decided that was too much to do in one day, and I walked out of the apartment without the cart anyway and decided not to go back. In truth the conditions were worse today--the slush had frozen, and I'm not sure about how well the cart would do. I may try tomorrow, we'll see. Or I may just forgo a tree this year; it's just so difficult to deal with without a car, and artificial trees seem, well, to miss the point. I need a tabletop size anyway, something maybe three or four feet tall that can go on the table in front of my living room window. So I'd rather get a potted pine of some sort. I think I'll call tomorrow to check and see if they have them, and decide from there. I'll also wrap the presents tomorrow.

I don't know what set if off, maybe a candle I burned earlier, but my nose is just going. I think I'll check the news.

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