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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A shame

Young Wife, Mother Of 2 Killed By A Simple Pothole

Amazingly enough, the chunk of concrete that sailed through the pickup truck and struck Jo Fisher somehow managed to miss her two children, flying between them to exit through the back window. The stretch of I-20 was riddled with potholes. A temporary patch had been put into place hours before the accident, and it was fixed a couple of weeks later--but that was too late to save a life. I feel bad for everyone involved--the family that lost a loved one, and the woman whose car kicked up the concrete, through no fault of her own. It seems like things are improving, at least, there in the state of Alabama, where they've been laying down smooth pavement in a bid to fight the potholes.

It's a shame that the tax dollars are not there to keep up the infrastructure, and in cash-strapped times such as these, it's probably worse.

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