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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Well, I'm up, and it's barely light outside, even though it's almost 8 am

But that's pretty good for a Saturday for me. I'm going to do the game notes, and I plugged in the batteries to charge for the recorder for tomorrow, and had to unplug the water filter on the aquarium briefly to get the battery charger plugged up. The water filter's been clogged with algae the last few days, so I cleaned it out when I plugged it back, sticking my hand down in the water and pulling the intake tube apart, splattering algae water on the wall (I cleaned that up quickly). I primed the pump, then, since I was at it, I skimmed a great deal of the duckweed off the top of the water so the fish could actually breathe and get to their food better. Duckweed has become somewhat of a bane. It's almost impossible to eradicate. I don't mind a little, but there's seldom a little, and it can multiply from one little leaf cluster, as it did when Brenda gave me a swordtail. The duckweed outlasted that fish by years. :)

Anyway, I broke open some new fish food and they were appreciative. I need to siphon out some water and make a change. That may be on the docket for later. Now to those notes.

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