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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A somewhat materialist post-holiday post

These came for me today from Barnes & Noble.

Yeah, I know, I'm an Amazon girl, but I had a gift card. The one on the right is my present from Brenda--Stephen R Donaldson's Against All Things Ending. The one on the left is a book I really like that I'm reading on the Kindle, but I decided I wanted a hard copy of it as well, and since I needed to round out the order to get free shipping, I decided I'd get that. It's Gary Corby's The Pericles Commission. The purple thing, by the way, is my Kindle in its cover. The dog is Tugger, the DOCLINE mascot. I got that for being one of the first to apply for a grant. :)

All in all it's been a very satisfying gift-receiving season. I got:

  • Walden and Other Writings, by Henry David Thoreau (in actual book form)
  • Against All Endings, by Stephen R Donaldson (also in actual book form)
  • A personal-sized blender that does smoothies, salsa, etc. and comes with two sizes of tops, two blades, and some cups for drinking the smoothies out of. Since I do not own a blender, this could be very useful. Hmmm...dacquris...
  • A (purple) velvet pant and jacket set

That's it. And for once I was able to give people a little better presents than, say, the pretty rocks I did one year. I'm happy.

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