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Friday, December 17, 2010

I slept in this morning

It's 10 am. Not bad, considering I went to bed at 2ish, although I slept for about two hours in the evening, too.

My, I have a busy day planned.
  1. Make out the holiday cards
  2. Stamp them.
  3. Prepare the PaperBackSwap book for mailing.
  4. Mail said items.
  5. Go to Kroger and holiday shop. Yes, Kroger. It occurred to me that they have gift cards and it's a super Kroger that even sells furniture. There's lots of stuff they have, and it's better than running around the mall or all over Lexington considering I only know of one present for sure that I'd like to get and the rest are up in the air.
  6. Check with work to see if my shoes have come in. If so, swing by there on the bus and pick them up.
  7. See about getting a Norfolk Virginia pine or other live tree, some lights, etc.
  8. Trundle it all home (bring granny cart, since I don't think I'll be able to take the tree on the bus without getting needles everywhere).
  9. Rest from my excursion (hey there's a new layer of frozen drizzle out there, it'll take awhile and I'll be quite tired).
  10. Put up the decorations, tree, etc.
  11. Do game notes if possible. Otherwise, tomorrow.
I think it's doable, although I definitely need to bring that cart with me, which might make things fun with slush and ice still on the sidewalks. But I am determined to get this done this weekend, and the temps aren't supposed to be any better tomorrow.

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