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Friday, June 21, 2013

What a day

It did take two tries, but I did get my passport application in. I should get it in about six weeks. I even took a fairly nice photo that YKWIA described as 'perky'. Afterwards I went by the pharmacy and got medicine for three people, then went and got some food from Texas Roadhouse and ate with YKWIA and A. YKWIA and I watched some YouTube videos that were wonderful as they debunked a lot of conspiracy theories, and then I decided to head on home about 8:30 or so. I'm just now sitting down and deciding what to do next. Given that I 1) need to do notes, 2) could have some fun watching videos, or 3) am so tired I could just go straight to bed, I am somewhat in a quandry. Notes will probably be pushed to tomorrow night, although, as usual, that's last minute. What I really want to do is take a shower, put my jammies on and get comfortable, maybe listen to some music for a bit. Basically, I need to relax. There were lots of frustrations today and a great deal of traffic to navigate, as I think I spent my day, about 9:30-6:30 running full tilt.

For tomorrow, I plan on:
  1. Going to the farmer's market (for real this weekend)
  2. Doing some laundry (at my friends' house if possible, and then the hand washables at home later)
  3. Getting the car washed and detailed (A is treating me to this, which is great)
  4. Doing game notes
That's doable, I think. For now, though, I'm going to listen to my plushie cat that plays 'Soft Kitty', get into a sleep shirt, and go into the bedroom for a bit. Maybe I'll even read for a bit. I have the latest (and last) of Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Series (the one 'True Blood' is based upon, with Sookie Stackhouse as the main character) and I'm interested in how she'll end it. :)

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