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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Well, despite a nap, I have finished the notes

although Brenda had to cancel this week, for good reason. So tomorrow I'll go over a little later than usual, do the usual Sunday things, and visit. Maybe later in the day I can do that laundry; I'm not really wanting to do tonight.

One of the tangents we went on during the game was the costuming of the upcoming show, 'Reign', which is supposed to be about Mary, Queen of Scots in the court of the French, but which seems to be mostly, as I put it, 'teen angst in fantasy mediaeval dress'. Of course, it should have been Tudor-style. Brenda is a professional costumer and long-time Society for Creative Anachronism participant, and the game master is a gay man with a history degree who also studied theatre. Nothing was architecturally correct, the clothes were just completely Renaissance Faire, and as I (also a history degree, and lots of graduate level classes, mainly dealing with Europe form ancient to French Revolution) looked up earlier, Mary didn't go to France as a teenager for the first time--she was five and grew up at the French court. In other words, there is nothing vaguely historical about this show. There was much frothing. See for yourself:

Now there were a couple of interesting trailers we saw, also from the CW network. There's the 'Tommorow People', which originally was a British show that both YKWIA and I grew up with in the 1970s and loved, that was then remade in the 1990s (it was okay, not as good as the original), and now it's made it to America, with a much darker feel and yes, teen angst. The jury's out on that one. Here's it's preview:

Another was 'The 100', which looked interesting. It's about 100 young prisoners who did not fit into an overcrowded society in a space station sent back to Earth decades after a global nuclear war as a test to see if humanity can return. Here's that preview:

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