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Saturday, June 22, 2013

It is apparently the afternoon of napping

I was doing my laundry over at my friends' house and everyone in the house except me--humans, dogs, and cats, fell asleep, One had been up since four something in the morning and was falling asleep at the computer before he laid down. Another fell asleep to 'The Flying Nun', which was the only thing he could find on television he could handle. The dogs and cats were ranged around him. I took a picture of everyone but the one in bed, which I'll show them later. But my laundry finished, so I folded it and got my stuff and crept out of there. A barely stirred. :)

I feel like a nap, too. I watered the outside plants as soon as I got home because they were looking peaked in the heat, but the sun is beating down through the windows and it's a pleasant afternoon. The plan is to get up later, do game notes and hand-wash laundry, as well as dishes and a bit of straightening, before calling it a night.

I did send the disc of 'Grimm' I have out from Netflix back today so I could get another. I checked and the first season is on Amazon Prime, which I have, without paying anything additional. So I'm going to go that route. I couldn't get Silver Linings Playbook at the library, so I added it to my disc queue to watch in a little while. I have a couple of other discs first, but they should be quick to watch, I think. A said it was fine to wait a bit. Okay, now for my nap. :)

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