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Monday, June 17, 2013

The rain is coming in...

so, of course, I'm avoiding laundry again. I am having a nice quiet night at home and have straightened up the house (I had some stuff on the table and couch that I'd brought in from last-minute prep for the vow renewal and the like, and I had an iron and ironing board out from working on some wrinkles in a shirt last Friday before work.) So, everything's in it's place or recycled. I do have just a few dishes to do. Mostly I've been lying in bed thinking (not exactly napping, just resting and thinking). I've had a lot on my mind lately and it sort of came to a head today. But it's rather personal, and even though I know I overshare in many cases on this blog, it isn't something to discuss here.

I made an appointment for next week to discuss making a will and other legal documents with my lawyer today. It's long overdue. I've done my advanced funeral planning and pay every month for that, but I don't actually have a will. Not that I have much in the way of property, mind you, but I should get my desires down on paper. The other documents are for what happens to me if I am unable to take care of myself or if the plug needs to be pulled. I have a do-it-yourself advanced directives, but this comes with the package, so it's nice to get one that I'm sure will hold up in court. Since I'm already a client, I get a little discount. :)

I'm not really feeling like watching anything, although I should be doing that, I'm so behind on things. I am starting to realise I mainly like watching TV with other people, and that's part of my problem. Perhaps I need to drag YKWIA over to my place to finish up 'Doctor Who', watch the first season of 'Grimm', etc. Oh, and there's 'Downton Abbey'. He hasn't seen any of them, although A and Brandon both really love them. I'm still working my way through the first season.

The movie we watched yesterday, The Four, which came out last year, was pretty decent. I'd compare it to a sort of Chinese X-Men: First Class kind of movie, with chi mastery and psychic ability in place of mutant powers. Not historical, not as one person put it, with the eloquency of Shakespeare, but a nice fantasy with lots of action and a decent story. I am tempted to get the DVD. It is part of a planned trilogy and is based on a book called The Four Detective Guards or The Four Constables by Wen Rui-An, which doesn't appear to be available in English at Amazon except in comic form, and then number 1 is not available. It is available in Chinese as Ni Shui Hai--Four Famous Detectives. Ah, well.

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