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Saturday, June 29, 2013

A very productive day

In addition to my morning activities I've been to the grocery twice today (once for my friends' two-cart order). I fixed lunch for a friend and had a nice time visiting. Now on my list is to return a phone call from another friend, do the game notes, and if there's time left over, the hand-wash laundry (which is about a third of my summer wardrobe, I now realise).

In addition to the bounty from earlier, I watered and trimmed some of my window box herbs so I use them in my herb bread. There's sage, oregano, basil, and thyme. I'm letting the dill go to seed. My kitchen, where they're out on a paper towel to dry, smells lovely. :)

I do have a couple of questions for those of you out there:
  1. Do any of you know someone in our area who would be willing to take in a 12-year-old female Basset hound whose owners are no longer able to keep her? I thought I'd check for a friend, who was trying to find a home for her.
  2. When I was a teenager we had soft, non-canned cat food in pouches that we fed our cats. I'm looking for something like that, without gravy, etc. The closest we've come so far is Whiskas or Friskies, but they have the gravy, and the cat is somewhat indifferent to what it's tried so far. When we went to the store today we accidentally got food that was basically canned, but in a plastic container, with many of them in a box today, and the cat turned his nose up completely. He needs an intermediate food, between dry and canned, but the owner prefers no gravy. If you have any ideas, feel free to e-mail me (link on the sidebar) or comment on this post. I've only tried Kroger and Incredipet, but the Kroger was a Marketplace store which has separate aisles for cats and dogs and a very good selection, and Incredipet has quite a good one, too. I've also checked online at PetSmart, and generally online. Apparently most of the 'soft' food has gravy. :( Thanks for any input you might have!

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