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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Not surprisingly, I overslept

So I'm getting a later start to my morning than I liked. But I'm ready to go; I have the lease signed, the books ready for the library, etc. So it's just eat a bagel and then I'm off. Brandon texted me a photo of the sunrise at their present location, which was lovely. :) I did get a couple of VERY early morning texts that I thought was him at first but it turned out to be some sort of scam to determine if my number was legitimate, I think. Someone texted a picture and another one where it tried to send a read receipt back to the person. I deleted them without sending such a receipt. If they're going to do this, I wish they wouldn't do it at five in the morning. Grrr....Then I lost a contact. I am 98% sure it is not in my eye, although now my eye is red from my searching for it. I can't see it, I can't see out of that eye, and if I put my glasses on, it's normal. But I'm not sure what happened to it. I guess it went down the drain (no, I did not close the drain--mine doesn't do that anymore). I like to never got the other one in, the first one I put in. So I had to take that out and now I'm wearing my glasses and my eyes are irritated. :(

Okay, finished with the bagel. I'm going to go to the leasing office, farmer's market, and library, then head over to my friends' house (who have already called; that's what woke me up eventually). Have a great day.

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