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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Thinking of taking a nap

It's a beautiful day, with a light breeze and sun at the moment, although it rained a bit earlier. I've been over at my friends' house for awhile. We watched a bit of 'The Vicar of Dibley' (I do love Dawn French), and we did the grocery run, so I picked up some fruit, cheese, and crackers. I really love the Milton's Everything crackers that Kroger carries, especially with pimiento cheese. I find it very filling, and I don't overeat with that.

There were two unfortunate things that happened today. The first is that I developed a fever blister, something that happens occasionally and which annoys me to no end. I used to get them right before school pictures. But I have a prescription cream with an antiviral medicine that I hope is still good and will help. The second is that I killed a bird with my car. It was a robin who tried to land on the roadway right in front of my car, swooping in rather fast. I couldn't stop in time, felt the impact, and it happened so fast I wasn't able to avoid it. It's like the poor thing committed suicide by car. But I do feel rather bad about it.

Otherwise it's been a good day. I found out we won't be playing the Cthulhu game tomorrow because Brenda had to cancel, so instead we're going to work on some character sheets and do some upgrading to my characters, something she did while I was off cleaning the apartment. I really should go ahead and do the last game notes tonight, but I think I will lie down for just a bit.

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