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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

One nice thing

about the new hairdo is that if you are caught in a downpour, say leaving Meijer's when it was just a bit cloudy a few minutes before when you went in, you won't look like a drowned rat. Just comb it into place with your fingers and it looks a little gelled until it dries. Yay. That was essentially the only exciting part of my day. I worked, I paid my rent, I went to Meijer for something for a friend, went over to the friend's, watched 'Jam & Jerusalem' and some clips from 'Big Bang Theory', then came home, forgetting the Lean Cuisine meals I got at Meijer in their freezer, which I will reclaim later if possible. I've chatted a bit with Brandon via text, but it really is time to hunker down and do notes, which did not get done yesterday either. On the other hand, I've gone ahead and transferred them, and we only played for about four and a half hours last time, so that's better than transcribing one of those marathon six hour sessions. But it was largely investigative, which takes more time than action because you're actually having to include all the clues. :)

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