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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Doing some general computer maintenance

I got the laptop back today from the couple who borrowed it a few months ago, so now I'm downloading various updates, making sure it's got some protection on it, setting it back up on my wi-fi network, etc. It's taken a couple of hours but I'm almost finished.

Today I ran some errands with a friend after work, hitting Lowe's, Fayette Mall, Meijer, Kroger, and Subway all in the Nicholasville Road area during rush hour, but cleverly avoiding most of the traffic. I discovered that A startles very easy at the least little thing (loud noise in the next car, or a car he perceives as too close), making these horrible, panicked gasping noises that then startle me. He doesn't drive, and he's just not used to traffic, mainly riding on the bus. I showed him the new bus stop at Fayette Mall, which is in a stupid place, out on the service road in the back over by Dick's Sporting Goods. It has been at the entrance to Macy's for awhile, and before that at the main mall entrance. Apparently the move was requested by the mall and Macy's. So they've put it in a place without any shelter from the elements and heavy traffic. Heaven help you if you're in a wheelchair, or have small children with you, or the like. Mark my words, someone's going to get hurt due to this.

Tomorrow I get dressed up all fancy and go to my friends' vow renewal on their tenth wedding anniversary. I had to go to Lane Bryant today and get the last piece of my outfit, some Spanx hose. I'll try to get Brandon to take a picture of me in my finery after the event and post it here. I don't get to dress up much. I've sort of vacillated back and forth about how I feel about the event, given all the fuss, stress, and money for just a few hours of fun, but I know it's very important to them, and after all, it is their day. I definitely want to be there. Plus I get to meet their friends and family.

I forgot that typing on the laptop takes some getting used to. I use four different kinds of keyboards on a daily basis: my ergonomic keyboard on my desktop, the Swype keyboard on my phone and tablet, a regular keyboard at my work desktop, and then the laptop. There seems to be a bit of a lag on the laptop right now and I'm finding that between that and the placement of the letters being somewhat more compact that I'm backspacing almost as much as I'm typing.

I think I'll check on the computer's progress with its various tasks and then turn in for the night. Here's hoping we don't have any truly horrible storms. There's still the possibility of a derecho event, especially a bit north of us. It's possible we'll get storms tonight and tomorrow morning. It's supposed to clear up after that, which would be great for the vow renewal. Good night.

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