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Friday, June 14, 2013

So tired I'm actually blogging from bed

I should be doing some laundry, but instead I have my feet up, am sitting in front of a fan, and am listening to Natalie Merchant. I was really tired last night when I got home from the vow renewal, so I didn't do any blogging. It went off really well. I got to meet the couple's friends and family, it was lovely, and it was kind of nice to dress up and go out. I got several compliments on my dress, but alas, no pictures (Brandon did try, but my camera is a little tricky and my phone was turned off so nothing would interrupt the service, and I didn't think to put it back on.) But any sort of social situation with lots of people I don't know is always very hard for me. I don't mingle well, for one. I usually latch onto the one person I know, which I couldn't do much there because of course, he was one of the principals in the whole thing. It was a very nice mix of all sorts of people, though, and I did enjoy myself. I stayed through the meal, cake, and toast, but didn't really do any dancing. I'm really no good at it. I got home a little after 10 and then filled a friend who missed it in on things. Then I went straight to bed. I so should not have stayed up the night before with the computer.

Now the happy couple are on a road trip as a getaway (the kids are with family). I took a friend to an appointment this afternoon and then we had dinner together. Then I headed on home about sunset, stopping at the liquor store for some wine for my monthly libation and the bank so I could get some cash for the farmer's market tomorrow. There was an ATM at the store, but I was NOT going to pay $3.25 to some no name ATM for taking my own money out of the bank, when I could just drive down the street and get it for free. In the bus days, of course, I'd have probably done it. On my way back to the house, I was in the right-hand lane of a double left turning lane on Man O'War when someone turning left from Richmond Road turned into MY side of the median, into the empty extreme left lane next to me. They then realised their mistake and tried to go over the median, scraping the underside of their car pretty badly. It was a stupid mistake, but I could see it happening given the lower visibility at dusk. But I'm glad they didn't wind up in my lane. At least everyone was okay, although I doubt their car will be.

My plans for tomorrow:
  1. Stop by the Bluegrass Farmer's Market
  2. Turn in some library books, pay my fines (I lost track of the time this past month a bit)
  3. Sign and turn in my lease
  4. Help a friend out with a project
  5. Do laundry
  6. Work on the game notes (although I think the game will not be on, as it's Father's Day Sunday and Brenda will probably be doing something with her family)
If I can accomplish all that, I shall be happy. If I can also watch some videos that I'm behind on, I'll be doubly so. Okay, my back is hurting from sitting up in the bed. Good night.

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