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Tuesday, June 04, 2013


yesterday that where my feet and ankles swell, my New Balance shoes pinch my feet on the sides and top rather painfully at end of day, which happens to be when I tried to go work out last night at the YMCA. So, no go for that unless I can get better shoes or work out early in the morning. I'd rather be in the pool anyway, but that's an issue right now as I can't go in with my fever blister. :( So, we'll see. I promise I won't use the shoes as an excuse for very long. I think I'm going to go to John's Run Walk Shop and get their opinion; they're supposed to be really good. It's where a couple of friends get their shoes.

I did get my dress for my friends' vow renewal yesterday and it fits and looks fairly nice on me. It was really low cut, though, so I bought a black lacy camisole for $6 at Gabriel Brothers to put under it, and I think that helped, as you can see in the picture.

Today I did some running around after work, spent some time with YKWIA (who chastised me rightly on one count and who talked me out of adopting a cat for now), and now I'm going to try to work on the game notes for awhile. Sorry I didn't write yesterday. I'll try to get back on schedule. :)

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