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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Natalie and Upsorn, both of whom have gone on to bigger and brighter pastures, returned for lunch today. Natalie's living in Kansas now, and drove in for a visit (it's about a 10-hour drive). Anyway, it was nice to see them both.

I moved 4000 books last night for the fifth (maybe?) time in a year and I'm really tired and look like crap and feel stiff and hung over. The director of nursing pulled me aside and asked what was wrong, and was I taking care of myself. The answer to that is no, but I have three days off coming up, so today I plan on recuperating and then taking the three days to clean like mad, because my apartment is going to be inspected sometime around the 14th. I should aslo get my Internet connexion at home back today (I'd better; I paid them a week ago and the cheque's gone through), so I'm happy about that, although I chose not to renew the cable television--I was recording more than I was watching anyway. My approach to cleaning is that for every hour of scrubbing, picking up, etc., I can either play on the computer or read a book. I've received two within the last few months that I'd really like to read: the latest Amelia Peabody mystery (by Elizabeth Peters), and a compilation of Jim Butcher's Wizard for Hire books. That should keep me occupied. Oh, and I'm going to try to go to the gym, although not today--I'm too sore, and that was certainly workout enough for a couple of days!

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