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Thursday, August 10, 2006

My house is a mess

and I don't mean it's just messy. It's cluttered with the detritous of my life and those of my geriatric, sometimes incontinent, animals. It's full of credit card offers and dishes and plastic cups from the gas station. And it all has to be clean and happy by Monday. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a recovering hoarder? You know, the little old lady with cats and pathways through newspapers? Well, I stopped at three cats once upon a time and trust me, it's been much worse than anything right now in terms of pathways through the house. The living room, for example, is in decent shape. My bedroom was full of clothes, but I've sorted them in piles to be washed and put away, given away, or burnt, I mean, thrown away. My poor dog couldn't get on the bed though whilst I was away doing errands; she was asleep on the floor when I came home, a fate worse than death for her.

I've made progress, although not as much as I would have liked so far. I haven't really read or worked on the computer (until now), I've just cleaned and shuttled people and worked and ate and slept. Right now I'm being sustained by reheated frozen naan and Highbridge Springs water (I ate a full meal earlier, a combination of Taco Bell and Long John Silver's.)

So I'm plugging on. It's rainy and hopefully cooler and near dark (it was as high as 101 degrees on one of the bank displays earlier) and I just want to nap a little, and start afresh tomorrow, but I'll put in some more time tonight. Maybe I should work on the bathroom, since it's small and fairly easy to contain, at least for tonight.

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