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Friday, August 25, 2006

Guess what I found when to work I did come

A box of boxes that made me quite hum
Inside were books of all kinds which to choose
But three of them were favourites from Seuss

Horton, that faithful friend, hatches an egg
Then withstands teasing while Whos he did beg
To shout out as hard as shouting can be
With care that made him no doubt want that tree

Then Yertle the Turtle, that tyrant king
With his mounds of turtles whose backs did bring
Him new sights, new vistas, new things to rule
At least until he fell down in that pool

Books to share, books to read, books to fill any need
All ready to go to children unknown
So they'll laugh and love when they read on their own

(with apologies to Ted Geisel)

I just thought it funny that my three favourite Seusses appeared. I'll have no trouble reading these to the kids. Now if the Lorax should happen along...

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