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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Surprisingly, I have insomnia

Listening to: Fort Minor, "Where'd You Go?" (one of two rap-style songs I like...maybe because there is an actual musical chorus as opposed to only rhythm)

So I've been up for the last hour and a half looking for a particular CD-ROM for a friend. I went through all my drawers two more times and then pulled three boxes from my closet that never got properly unpacked. Inside one of them I found the case for the CD-ROM but no luck with the actual discs. Sigh. Well, I put them aside to go through more thoroughly, one piece at a time.

I thought I'd sleep well since a lot of the things weighing on my mind were solved, but no such luck. Still, I'm back to being sleepy and when I have been asleep, I'm sleeping pretty soundly.


Back to sleep for a couple of hours. I work at least two jobs today, and I have to prepare a 10-minute presentation on the Kentucky Virtual Library and find about 6 pieces of education-related brochures, presentations, etc. that I've done. That'll take a little digging, since it's been awhile. Mind you, I found all this out last night and it's due Wednesday, but I suppose that was a test in itself. Take care.

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