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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Just in case you thought librarians have no sense of humour

From Dawn Sardes, who left me laughing at my desk, posted with her permission:

I am beginning a petition to have the celestial body formerly known as planet Pluto to be renamed Rodney Dangerfield, the Planet that gets no respect.

In related news, the remaining eight planets, in a never-before seen show of solidarity, have issued a joint statement saying that they believe that astronomers should lose their status as scientists.

Their proof? Has anyone ever seen an ad in the classifieds for Astronomer? Really.

Also, they stated today that the criterion the scientists used was based upon a false assumption. They had said that Pluto did not qualify because it strayed into Neptune's orbit as a part of its revolutionary path. Neptune admitted they it was the one straying into Pluto's path.

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