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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Okay, I know there is no such thing as good karma

but I feel like it's raining upon me.

Today I was asked if I would like to fill in at the motion analysis lab for about 12 hours a week for a colleague who is going on maternity leave for 12 weeks in October. It involves working one on one with patients, getting them to walk across a pressure plate, collecting data, and post processing their data. It would be my first real clinical experience. I've checked with my boss and she had recommended me and has no trouble with me working at the library 3 days a week for longer days rather 5 short days. So my schedule would be:

Monday, Wednesday: 9am-3pm in the Motion Lab
Tuesday: 9am-3pm Library(I work at the gas station on Tuesdays at 4, so I'll make that my 'short' Library day)
Thursday, Friday: 9am-4pm Library

I'd still be able to work for KET and the gas station. Maybe that together will help me for awhile.

Also, my boss from the gas station just called and I'll pick up a few hours this afternoon from about 3-6 so she's not at work so long (we're currently without an assistant manager, so she's putting in LONG days).

I feel like suddenly everyone wants to give me hours. May I dare hope that might include a job offer from a recent interview? :) If not, at least things like my electric should be covered in the future.

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