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Friday, August 04, 2006

A little bit of a shock

Gas prices in Lexington hot as weather

It was $2.72 when I drove by the store this morning. When I went to the dentist later in the day, the price was $3.09 at the station there. Agh! And no, working for a gas station doesn't give me any inside info as to when and what will happen, so of course I was waiting to see how much I was paid on Thursday and figured it hadn't risen by the morning, I might be safe (Tuesday and Thursday are days it tends to rise). So of course, I didn't get gas until it was high (although it had dropped 5 cents by then).

Oh, well. As long as we're a nation of gas-guzzling, SUV driving (and yes, I do realise that some of the newer ones do get better mileage), non-carpooling people with poor access to public transportation, it will just keep on giving us price shocks, until more hybrids and smaller cars prevail. I know if I could afford a new car at the moment, I would definitely choose a hybrid. But my Taurus does get pretty decent gas mileage; it's as good as the Nissan and Renault were, even though it's bigger.

Europeans are probably laughing at us. They've been used to this sort of pricing for years. And they're right to. But still, whew!

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