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Monday, August 14, 2006

It is finished

Not to sound like cleaning is up there with crucifixion, of course, but it's probably up there with caning, as far as I am concerned...but everything should be easier to care for now.

So now everything is finished, including some dusting and getting the bedclothes washed. I'm not impressed by our supposedly new laundry facility; it was supposed to be redone two weeks ago. All but about two of the machines were out of order; the paint on the wall is an ugly colour of yellow and was smudged in a great big clump on the door. The doorknob is falling off. The machines look new, but they're also a quarter more a load and the dryers are 50 cents more, so the balance of my laundry will still be done at a friend's house. We do have a new Pepsi machine, so if I get a hankering for some Diet Pepsi in the middle of the night, I need not make a trip to Kroger's.

I got about 5 hours' sleep but I had staggered naps thoroughout yesterday (clean two to three hours, nap for a half hour, that sort of thing), so I'm feeling pretty good. I took the last of three baths in the past twenty-four hours and feel clean myself, which is good. And I have an hour to play before going work. Yay.

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