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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Well, bah

Astronomers Say Pluto is No Longer a Planet

but I can't argue with the attempt to come up with a logical, coherent definition of planet, and the concepts of planet, dwarf planets, and small solar system bodies makes sense.

I just wish they'd stick with those definitions and go forward. That makes the icy body tentatively named Xena as the largest of the dwarf planets, above Pluto in size. Charon continues as Pluto's moon rather than any form of planetary body, as it should be (since it orbits Pluto and not the sun, unless they were seens as a sort of 'double planet' orbiting each other and the sun). Ceres, an asteroid once considered a planet, will also be considered a dwarf planet.

In the not-quite-astronomy world of astrology, they'll still have their influences, and I suppose UB313 (Xena) must be added to that. In the meantime I was curious given all the work-related stuff going on what my horoscope might say for todyay:

Daily: Your sense of artistry can come into play in all areas of your life. Take steps to realize your inner creative vision. Recognition is just around the corner when you learn to follow the piper who plays your tune.

Hmmm...maybe I've been trying to conform to others' ideas and not so much living my own life instead.

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